[R] Subset dataframe based on condition

Steve Miller steve.miller at jhu.edu
Mon Apr 17 18:06:25 CEST 2006

How about trying a nested subset:

submydf = subset(subset(mydf, a > 1),b <= a)

Steve Miller

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Subject: [R] Subset dataframe based on condition

  I am trying to extract subset of data from my original data frame based on
some condition. For example : (mydf -original data frame, submydf - subset
dada frame)
  >submydf = subset(mydf, a > 1 & b <= a), 
  here column a contains values ranging from 0.01 to 100000. I want to
extract only those matching condition 1 i.e a > . But when i execute this
command it is not giving me appropriate result. The subset df - submydf
contains rows with 0.01 also. Please help me to resolve this problem.
  Thanks in advance.


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