[R] manual construction of box&whisker plot

Bernd Dittmann herrdittmann at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Apr 15 19:26:47 CEST 2006

Dear useRs,

how can I construct a box&whisker plot based on the vector "fivenum"?

The challenge I face is as follow: I have a table such as

x   |   fivenum
... |   (.....)
... |   (.....)

and so forth....

For each observation x I have generated a vector containing the fivenum 

The first challenge is to group my fivenum vectors into groups based on 
a selection criterion of x, say for 0 < x < 6, all fivenum vectors would 
be collected in that group.

Once all my fivenum vectors are in their respective groups, I wish to 
generate a b&w plot for each group.

How could I possibly do that? Also, what would be the most convenient 

Looking forward to your suggestions.

Many thanks in advance!


Bernd Dittmann

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