[R] another very simple loop question

Petr Pikal petr.pikal at precheza.cz
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What about some example data? I presume you could use some

apply, tapply, aggregate or similar function but without knowing what 
you **really** want to do and how your previous attempts failed it is 
hard to give any definite answer.

student=sample(letters[1:4],100, rep=T), result=runif(100))
   year student         x
1     1       a 0.4026579
2     2       a 0.4690311
15    3       d 0.5316301
16    4       d 0.4401949


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> I have a dataset with 4 years of students, and normally I want to
> estimate things using each individual year, so I have a for loop as
> follows
> for (i in 1:4){}
> However, the only way I know how to calculate estimates using all four
> years of data is to put the estimations outside of the loop.  Is there
> anyway to make a for loop that uses all four years at once, then uses
> each individual year?
> Thanks,
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