[R] problem with RWinEdt

Christian Gold c.gold at magnet.at
Tue Apr 11 14:06:05 CEST 2006

Dear list members

I have been using RWinEdt for an extended time and on different machines
(all under Windows XP). There is a strange problem that comes up
sometimes on one of them, always on another and never on a third one.
(However, I do think I have followed the same procedures on all machines
when installing it.)

When I use one of the buttons (or key combinations) for pasting command
lines from RWinEdt into R, instead of pasting the selected command
line(s), it just pastes a "P", nothing else.

I have been working around this problem for a while, using ordinary
copying and pasting. However, this is not really satisfying.
Does anyone know a possible solution to this problem?

Many thanks


Dr. Christian Gold, PhD

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