[R] problems with rounding in output

Brian Quinif bquinif at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 07:37:08 CEST 2006

Perhaps someone will have a solution to my more general problem, but
here is the specific one:

I used the round() function to round some estimates to 3 decimal
places.  I then sent put the rounded estimates in a matrix and used
latex() to make a LaTeX table from them.  However, in my table, there
are estimtes which only have 2 decimal places. I assume that the third
decimal place in these numbers was equal to zero, so the round()
function simply cut off the superfluous zero.  However, I want all of
my estimates to have the same number of digits.  Is there a way to
force R to keep all three digits, even if the last one is zero?

Now, getting to the more general issue, to which a solution might
negate the need for a solution to the first part of this email.  I
want to create a table in which all of the standard errors are in
parentheses.  The solution I used was to input the std. errors into
the matrix to be used for making the table as follows


However, after doing so, my LaTeX output had all of the digits that R
output without rounding like it normally does.  So, I tried using the
round() command as described above.  Another problem with my solution
is that the negative signs in my LaTeX tables come out as hyphens, not
the usual negative signs from math mode.

Does anyone have a better solution for how to put my std. errors in parentheses?



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