[R] some output is missing -- not getting the full anova table

marilyn ford m.ford at griffith.edu.au
Mon Apr 10 09:25:23 CEST 2006

I have just started using R and am stumped over something:

I am using the lme4 package, using lmer (and putting it in to fit0.lmer 
) and then I do an anova,
but I am not getting the full table.  This is what I get:

 > fit0.lmer <- lmer(subj.prob.rev ~ semantic.class + bipron.rec + 
item.order + (1|subject) + (1|verb), data=data)
 > anova(fit0.lmer)
Analysis of Variance Table
               Df  Sum Sq Mean Sq
semantic.class  3  5401.7  1800.6
bipron.rec      1 22739.3 22739.3
item.order      1  7225.2  7225.2

Can anyone help?

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