[R] configure error

R. A. L. Carter r_carter at rogers.com
Sun Apr 9 17:41:29 CEST 2006

*I've been trying for several weeks to install R-2.2.1 on a PC with 
an AMD Athlon 64 2800*+* processor running Mandriva 2006_64.  After 
unpacking R-2.2.1.tar.gz I ran ./configure.  However, configure stopped 
prematurely with the message  *"configure:27295: WARNING: gfortran and 
gcc disagree on int and double configure:27297: error: Maybe change 
CFLAGS or FFLAGS?"*  Altough I've looked in both the R_Help archive and 
R Installation and Administration,  I can't find any documentation 
which says what settings should be for CFLAGS or FFLAGS. I tried to 
mimic the settings shown on page 31 of R Installation and Administration 
but that failed too.*

*Does anyone know what the settings should be for this case?  Any 
advice would be greatly appreciated.

Richard Carter

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