[R] fdim package questions

James R. Milks james.milks at wright.edu
Fri Apr 7 15:16:35 CEST 2006

I have a basic question on the mechanics of fdim.  I am calculating  
the information dimension of tree distributions.  What I have are  
positions of trees within a plot (x data in one column, y data in  
another).  My question is this: how does fdim combine the data from  
both columns to calculate the fractal dimension?  Does it create an  
internal image of the points?  I know it's basic, but I'm used to  
calculating dimensions of images, not datasets.  I'm just a little  
skeptical of how the information dimension can be calculated from  
datasets instead of images.

I've already attempted to send this e-mail to the package authors,  
but the e-mail addresses within the package no longer work.

Thank you.


Jim Milks

Graduate Student
Environmental Sciences Ph.D. Program
Wright State University
Dayton, OH 45435

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