[R] cclust causes R to crash when using manhattan kmeans

Timo Becker timo.becker at oeaw.ac.at
Fri Apr 7 09:02:46 CEST 2006

Dear R users,

When I run the following code, R crashes:

x <- matrix(c(0,0,0,1.5,1,-1), ncol=2, byrow=TRUE)
cclust(x, centers=x[2:3,], dist="manhattan", method="kmeans")

While this works:

cclust(x, centers=x[2:3,], dist="euclidean", method="kmeans")

I'm posting this here because I am not sure if it is a bug.
I've been searching for a manhattan kmeans method and I found a solution 
by using the package amap:

Kmeans(x, x[2:3,], method="manhattan")

This works for me, so I don't need the cclust package anymore.
Anyway, I wanted to report the cclust behaviour.

R version 2.2.1, 2005-12-20, i386-pc-mingw32


Timo Becker
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Acoustics Research Institute

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