[R] skipping rows in trellis key

Steven Lacey slacey at umich.edu
Thu Apr 6 05:29:10 CEST 2006

Yes, that works! Thanks!

On a related note... When I draw my key there is not sufficient padding
between the last line of the key and the border line. For instance, the
vertical line in "p" often drops below the border. Is there an easy way to
add padding between the last row of the key and the border?


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On 4/5/06, Steven Lacey <slacey at umich.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to add a key to my trellis plot using draw.key. Here is 
> what I
> want:
> 3 x 6 key where the first row is a header.
> row 1: empty, "S-R Mapping", "R^2"
> row 2: pch=17, "Color", 0.951
> row 2: pch=17, "Shape", 0.934
> ect...
> The problem is that I would like the cell in the upper left corner to 
> be empty (a placeholder) with the remaining entries in that column the 
> appropriate pch symbols. Is there a way to do that using draw.key? My 
> other option is to create a grid table from scratch. But, I'd like to 
> capitalize on draw.key if I can. Suggestions? If draw.key won't work, 
> suggestions on how to do it with grid?

Does col = c('transparent', ...) not work?


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