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To solve your problem I would get rid of 
missing values in the obs vector 'obsv' first:

obsv <- obsv[!is.na(obsv)]

I would then set up the x-axis: xval <- max(obsv)

Then I would plot a probabilistic histogram:
Notice that the probabilities in the y-axis
are calc. as: prob yi = Freq obs(i)/(all obs)

Hope it helps.


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Subject: [R] DISPLAYING A HISTOGRAM + finding NAs

I have a vector of values (about 8000 obs between 0 and 1). I want to display
a histogram as follows:

value of vector
( bw 0 and 1)    |
                                    all 8000 obs.

So that each section of the x axis corresponds to a certain value...

When I use hist(vector) it outputs out a frequency histogram. I tried
transposing it with no luck.

Any ideas??

Also, I'm told I have a missing value in my vector, how do I remove that
observation??? (i.e. how do I search within my vector to find it???)

thank you in advance,,,,

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