[R] Ternary or Triangular Plots (soil texture triangle plot)?

Christos Hatzis christos at silicoinsights.com
Mon Apr 3 15:51:14 CEST 2006

You might want to try 'ternaryplot' from the 'vcd' package.  I haven't used
it myself but it appears to be quite flexible and since it is based on the
grid graphics system it is highly extensible.


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I am trying to create a triangular plot to show the 'composition' of a set
of items with three variables (historically the percent sand, silt and clay
in soil).

So far I have tried the 'soil texture triangle plot' in the package plotrix
and the 'ternary or triangular plots' in the package cwhtool (cwhmisc). Both
have strengths and weaknesses, but neither has a 'standard' or 'generic'
feel about it.

To save myself time I would like to ask the list if there is a preferred or
standard implementation of the triangle plot that will let me,

* Label the three axes
* Specify a range for the three axis
* Label each point with a string
* Add lines perpendicular to each axis

Or in general if there is an implementation of the triangle plot which
supports the standard plotting options.

Thanks very much for any pointers,


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