[R] finding method file?

ivo welch ivowel at gmail.com
Sun Apr 2 23:31:30 CEST 2006

dear R wizards:

I am trying to determine how to determine (no further recursion) where
a built-in function is defined.  In particular, I have decided I am
going to add sd() to the existing basic summary function, rather than
try to rewrite my own summary() function from scratch.

So, I just installed R-2.2.1 (via gentoo; eventually I will figure out
how to get atlas/sse/sse2 working on amd64, too!  PS: [a] how can I
determine whether a running S installation uses sse2, sse, and atlas? 
[b] does atlas use sse2; [c] are there now modern graphics processor
routines that might speed up R, too?  ok, all of these are irrelevant

then, I did a

   > summary
    [not informative about which file it is defined in]

ok, easy.  Just grep.  back on the unix line,

   # grep -r '1st Qu' /usr/lib/R

which should look for this fairly unique string.  to my surprise, it
was only found in R-intro.html.

so, how would I go about looking for where R defines functions?  or
has this becomes so deeply wired into fortran/C in later versions that
it can no longer be changed?

help/advice as always appreciated.


/ivo welch

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