[R] Subtracting timeseries objects

tom wright tom at maladmin.com
Tue Nov 15 15:40:05 CET 2005

Sorry to keep posting but I want to do this right and I'm hoping for
some pointers
I now have two time series objects which I need to subtract.
Unfortunatly the two series dont have the same sample rates.
When I try to subtract them


The time series object is clever enough to object.
So I guess I need to write a function for subtraction of the time series
objects which will need to interpolate the samples to the same sampling
time (this linear interpolation should be ok here)
I would like to make this function the default one to be used when a ts
subtractin is attempted. Unfortunatly I dont really have much idea where
to start with this. If someone could point me in the direction of some
good reading I'll be grateful.
Many thanks (again)

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