[R] read.delim2 regarding "#"

Hai Lin kevinvol2002 at yahoo.com
Tue May 31 17:55:28 CEST 2005

Hello R experts:

When I tried to read my data into R, it does not take
# sign 

A subset of Exp.txt is:
Experiment name  assay id	Varname	
(A1)DBA TPA 6h/DBA Acetone rep1(A1) #3	4090 	A90C1
(A2)DBA TPA 6h/DBA Acetone rep2(A2) #3	4091 	A91C1	
The command is:
Exp <- read.delim2("Exp.txt",check.names=F,as.is=T)

It is excuted but gave me all the NAs. Can you all
drop me a hint?

Thanks in advance.


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