[R] Null space (or kernel) and image of a matrix

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The null space or kernel of a matrix A would be the subspace of vectors v
such that Av = 0. That is, it's the solution space of a homogeneous linear
system of equations whose coefficients are the rows of A. R implements many
ways to solve such systems. The image is the set of vectors of the form Av
as v ranges over all vectors, which is the same as the span of the columns
of A, aka the column space of A. You can reduce this to a basis or transform
it to an orthogonal basis. Have a look at a linear algebra book to get an
idea for the possibilities. 

Reid Huntsinger

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Does anyone now if there exist a function that would compute a "null space" 
(or "kernel" - "Ker") of a matrix and maybe also one that would compute an 
"image" ("Im") of a matrix.

I tried R-site search and google, However I found notnihg useful!

Thanks for any sugestions! I am also not sure what an "image" of a matrix 
is, so suggestion in this directions  would also be  apreciated.

Aleš Žiberna

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