[R] R GUI for Linux?

White, Charles E WRAIR-Wash DC charles.edwin.white at us.army.mil
Tue May 31 14:43:52 CEST 2005

Thanks for the tip. I thought that 'Base' files were installed already
but I know better now. Unfortunately, I'm still not up and running yet.
Since I don't have access to the subject machine at the moment, I'll be
even more vague than usual.

I installed the development versions of tcltk and specified the
locations for the *.sh files, the *.h files, and both of the individual
directories in /usr/lib. Based on my reading of one of the *.sh files,
it looks like I can specify multiple directories for a configuration
variable by putting them in quotes and leaving a space in between like
'path1 path2'. My reward was that ./configure didn't complain about
searching for any tcltk files and I got the clear message that R
couldn't compile/link to tcltk. Hmph. <grin>

Next steps when I get home tonight:
(a) Replace library locations in /usr/lib with those in /usr/share
(b) Include all four library locations
(c) Wait until Fedora Core 4 comes out in a couple of weeks, wipe my
drive, and start all over again.

Any other suggestions? Thanks again.

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White, Charles E WRAIR-Wash DC wrote:
> John:
> Thank you for your interest. After more investigation I see that my
> problem is with linking tcltk to R. tcl 8.4.7-2 and tk 8.4.7-2 are
> tuned to fc3 (Fedora Core 3) and part of the standard installation.
> However, required file locations are different than what is expected
> by R. I set the locations for tclConfig.sh and tkConfig.sh using
> ./configure but R tells me something to the effect that Tcl and Tk
> major or minor versions disagree. Your help or the help of others on
> the R-List would be appreciated. FYI, I am also including the
> locations of important files and directories.
> tclConfig.sh: /usr/lib tkConfig.sh:  /usr/lib tcl library:
> /usr/lib/tcl8.4 (symbolically linked from /usr/share/tcl8.4) tk
> library:   /usr/lib/tk8.4 (separate copy in /usr/share/tk8.4) tcl.h:
> I can't find it with full drive search tk.h:         I can't find it
> with full drive search

You need to install the devel packages for tcl and tk to get those 
header files.

on FC3, the preferred updater is yum so in a terminal:

su -c "yum install tcl-devel tk-devel"

Should install the *.h files for you.



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