[R] X11() and pseudo color

joerg van den hoff j.van_den_hoff at fz-rossendorf.de
Tue May 31 13:49:29 CEST 2005

we are running R under Solaris with SunRay Terminals, which are set to 8 
bit color to comply with some other software. In this configuration, 
X11() opens with colortype=true, i.e., it is not recognized that 
actually the display is only 8 bit. This leads to error messages 
(advising to use 'pseudo.cube').

question 1: is X11() supposed to recognize  the actual color 
capabilities? i.e. is this a bug?

question 2: is there a possibility to query the color capabilities from 
within R in order to being able to open the X11() displays always (for 
true color as well as for 8 bit) with the correct colortype setting from 
within a function?


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