[R] Piecewise Linear Regression

Abhyuday Mandal amandal at isye.gatech.edu
Tue May 31 01:38:58 CEST 2005


I need to fit a piecewise linear regression.

x = c(6.25,6.25,12.50,12.50,18.75,25.00,25.00,25.00,31.25,31.25,37.50,37.50,50.00,50.00,62.50,62.50,75.00,75.00,75.00,100.00,100.00)
y = c(0.328,0.395,0.321,0.239,0.282,0.230,0.273,0.347,0.211,0.210,0.259,0.186,0.301,0.270,0.252,0.247,0.277,0.229,0.225,0.168,0.202)

there are two change points. so the fitted curve should look like

 \  /\
  \/  \

How do I do this in R ?

Thank you,

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