[R] Using R for classifying new samples

manav ram culaterz2003 at yahoo.com
Fri May 27 16:55:50 CEST 2005

I do not have any statistical background, So I shall
apologise if I am asking trivial question or help.

I am trying to work with R.
The problem I have on hand is:
I have 2 sets of data(means & SD for each sample in
the group of both sets). The sample size is
massive(2000+ in each grp).
I have a new set of experimental data and I like to
classify this to either of the grps based on
statistical evidence.
I thought using Linear discriminant analysis of R(MASS
package) I can solve this problem.
But unfortunately I am not quite sure its the right
way and further with given my background I am not even
sure how to prepare the data to test.

To explain my problem further, I have prepared a small
set of data to be tested....so that it might be easy
to suggest the right way to go ahead.The data is in


What I would like to test is if the "query" belongs to
grp 1 or 2(for all my samples,2000+)and if it can read
out to me teh query belongs to grp_1 or grp_2.
Is there some good examples that I can refer to which
can teach me step wise right from preparing the data
to testing???or would there be someone who can help me
with this problem?????

Thanks a lot for your time...look forward to hear some
help and suggestions


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