[R] PAN: Need Help for Multiple Imputation Package

AC step_wolfe at yahoo.com
Thu May 26 02:23:14 CEST 2005

Hello all.  I am trying to run PAN, multilevel
multiple imputation program, in R to impute missing
data in a longitudinal dataset.  I could successfully
run the multiple imputation when I only imputed one
variable.  However, when I tried to impute a
time-varying covariate as well as a response variable,
I received an error message, “Error: subscript out of
bounds.”  Can anyone tell if my commands contain any

First I imported SAS dataset ‘sim’ which includes a
response variable ‘MIY1’, a time-varying covariate
‘TCOV1’, TIME, GROUP (0 or 1), and ID.  200
participants were included and measurement occurred
six times.  Approximately 25% of participants dropped
out at end.      

> sim <- read.xport('c:\\xptds.dat')
> int <- rep(1,1200)
> y <- cbind(sim$MIY1,sim$TCOV1)
> subj <- sim$ID
> pred <- cbind(int, sim$TIME, sim$GROUP)  
> xcol <- 1:3
> zcol <- 1

> prior <- list(a=2,Binv=4,c=2,Dinv=4)

> result <-
Error: subscript out of bounds

By the way, I also received the same error message
when I tried to include intercept and time in Zcol, a
matrix for random effect specification.  I used
command “ zcol <- 1:2”.  Does anybody know if this
error is due to sample size/proportion of missing data
or due to command mistake?

I truly appreciate any feedbacks.
Best regards,

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