[R] Weird function call problem

Bela Bauer bela_b at gmx.net
Wed May 25 16:22:47 CEST 2005


I'm encountering a very odd problem with calls to anova.mlm() from within a

Consider the following code (data.n is a matrix of numeric values):

mlmfit <- lm(data.n ~ 1)
mlmfit0 <- lm(data.n ~ 0)

If I run it just like this from the console, it works just fine. If,
however, I call it from within a function, e.g. using

fct <- function(data.k) {
 # same code with data.n replaced by data.k

It gives me
> fct(data.n)

lm(formula = data.k ~ 1)


Error in anova.mlmlist(object = mlmfit, mlmfit0, test = "Spherical") :
        Object "mlmfit" not found

What causes mlmfit to "disappear" between two lines? I haven't got the
slightest clue where to look for an answer...

Thank you very much for your help.

Bela Bauer

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