[R] Placing A Legend in Titlle of a Plot

Romain Francois francoisromain at free.fr
Wed May 25 09:49:35 CEST 2005

Le 25.05.2005 09:19, Josue Samayoa a écrit :

>I am trying to place a legend in the title area of a plot.  I can not 
>seem to find a way to get legend() to do this.  Nor can I use the 
>title() function.  Does anyone know a way to do this?  I would greatly 
>appreciate any advice.
>Josue Samayoa
>Center for Biomolecular Science & Engineering
>School of Engineering
>Division of Physical & Biological Sciences
>University of California Santa Cruz
>(831) 459-1019

What kind of plot ? Not easy to know what you tried if you don't tell it.
read the posting guide and then give a short reproductible example of 
what you tried that didn't work.


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