[R] Errors in Variables

Jacob van Wyk jlvw at na.rau.ac.za
Wed May 25 08:27:28 CEST 2005

I hope somebody can help.
A student of mine is doing a study on Measurement Error models
(errors-in-variables, total least squares, etc.). I have an old
reference to a "multi archive"  that contains
leiv3: Programs for best line fitting with errors in both coordinates.
(The date is October 1989, by B.D. Ripley et al.)
I have done a search for something similar in R withour success. Has
this been implemented in a R-package, possibly under some sort of
assumptions about variances. I would lke my student to apply some
regression techniques to data that fit this profile.
Any help is much appreciated.
(If I have not done my search more carefully - my apologies.)

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