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Tue May 24 15:19:11 CEST 2005

Dear Lin,

One bad solution: You can only (???) display it, when you click on another Window (eg. the explorer) and then once again on the R window or by clicking on the menu bar in R and second on the R window. In this way you can "refresh" the display and you can see in which iteration step you are. 

You can check this on the dummy example below:

k <- rnorm(4000000) 
for (i in 1:10){
  print(paste("Step ",i))#
  k1 <- sort(k)

I don´t know, if there is another (better) way to refresh the R window...


> Dear all,
> I am using R 2.1.0 for Windows on XP SP2.
> In a loop such as below, we can track the progress by a 
> screen print display as below (in S):
> for (i in 1:10){
> print(paste("Starting simulation run no...",i))
>     result<-c(result,mean(data)) #A dummy example of the 
> simulation to be done
> }
> In S-plus environment, the statements
> Starting simulation run no...1
> Starting simulation run no...2
> .
> .
> .
> etc.,
> are displayed as the loop is running.  However,
> in R, they are displayed only after the loop is completed.
> Is there anyway to 'make it' appear as the loop is running?
> Thanks in advance.
> Best
> Lin
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