[R] tune.svm in {e1071}

David Meyer david.meyer at wu-wien.ac.at
Fri May 20 18:54:34 CEST 2005


>Dear All ,
>1- I'm trying to access  the values of  fitted(model) after   model<-
>tune.svm( ) but seemingly it is >not poosible. How can I access to
>values of fitted ? However ,it is possible only after  model<- svm( ) 

tune.svm() is a wrapper to tune() and as such returns a tune-object.
That one _includes_ a "best.model" component containing the "svm"
object. So you want sth. like:

tuneobj <- tune.svm(...)
model <- tuneobj$best.model

>2- How can I access to the other values such as the number of Support
>Vectors , gamma, cost , nu , >epsilon , after   model<- tune.svm( ) ?
>these are not possible? I receive only  "Error estimation of 'svm' " 
>with   model and summary(model) functions.

Clear from the above, I think.


>Best Wishes and so many thanks,

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