[R] Lattice: it seems, a bug in draw.key function

Wladimir Eremeev wl at eimb.ru
Fri May 20 14:05:21 CEST 2005

Dear r-help,

  Now I am drawing graphs with xyplot function.
  In order to place a legend under the plots I use the key argument in
the xyplot function.

  One of the 'key' components is 'divide', which defines a number of
  points on the each line of the legend. The default is 3 points.
  I would like a single point, so I set divide = 1.

  Call to xyplot didn't produce any points at all.

  The body of draw.key function contains the following
pointsGrob(x=(1:key$divide-1)/(key$divide-1), y=rep(0.5,key$divide),
When key$divide=1, x is NaN...

Best regards
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