[R] Larger X11 fonts under R-2.1.0

Brahm, David David.Brahm at geodecapital.com
Thu May 19 21:22:53 CEST 2005

I view plots on my screen with X11(width=.455*11, height=.455*8.5),
which creates a small window with the American standard aspect ratio.
Under R-2.0.1 and earlier, the default fonts were a reasonable size,
but under R-2.1.0 they are too big and fat.  I now have to either set
pointsize=10 in X11(), or par(cex=.7) afterwards.

The NEWS file has this to say about X11 fonts:
  The changes to font handling in the X11 module are based on the
  Japanization patches of Eiji Nakama.
I'm not sure if that's relevant to the change I'm seeing.  Has anyone
else noticed a difference in the X11 fonts?  (I assume this is
different from Xiang-Jun Lu's problem, since I do not get any error
messages that fonts "could not be loaded".)

-- David Brahm (brahm at alum.mit.edu)

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