[R] R from Perl -- RSPerl and lines function.

Florence Combes fcombes at gmail.com
Thu May 19 13:57:56 CEST 2005

Dear R-helpers, 

I am running well Perl and R on my Debian Linux, and I tried RSPerl.
Installation is ok and all simple functions run well. But I have a
problem to call the "lines" function.
I would like to draw an histogram with the density curve on. Is is OK
in R with the command:


for example. 

Now, I have a Perl script with which  pars files, and I obtain data in
a list @distance. I draw an hist with RSPerl command (from Perl):

(---Perl script---)

@Rdata=&R::call("as.numeric", \@distance);

&R::callWithNames("hist", {'', \@Rdata, 'main', '', 'xlab',
"Distribution of the distances between oligo-5' and sequence 3'",
'br', 15, 'col', 'gray', 'prob', 'T'} );

&R::call("lines", ("density", \@Rdata)) );




All runs well: I obtained the histogram graph, and it seems that the
density call runs well since I have the message
"Performed the call, result has length 7" 
and I read the density fuction results in 7 parameters; 
but just after I have a message like "segmentation fault". 

I cannot understand what happens ? 

Has someone already encountered this problem or know how to abtain an
histogram and the density line with RSPerl ???

Thanks a lot for your help, caus I tried all I could think of ...


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