[R] align

Omar Lakkis uofiowa at gmail.com
Wed May 18 16:13:50 CEST 2005

Is there a function in R that is similar to Splus's align?

The idea is, if I have a data.frame, or an its object that is like this:

2002-01-03   5
2002-01-04   NA
2002-01-05   7
2002-01-06   NA

I want to align it by the last value to this:

2002-01-03   5
2002-01-04   5
2002-01-05   7
2002-01-06   7

        Function align

        align(x, pos, how, error.how, localzone, matchtol, by, k.by,
        week.align, holidays)

  x:  argument, no default.
  pos:  argument, no default.
  how:  argument, `default = "NA".'
  error.how:  argument, `default = "NA".'
  localzone:  argument, `default = F.'
  matchtol:  argument, `default = 0.'
  by:  argument, no default.
  k.by:  argument, `default = 1.'
  week.align:  argument, `default = NULL.'
  holidays:  argument, `default = timeDate().'


        Align series object x to new positions

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