[R] Line width through plot size reduction

Jacques VESLOT jacques.veslot at cirad.fr
Wed May 18 08:11:06 CEST 2005

Dear R-users,

Someone, who uses R under Mac, wants to insert a couple of small plots 
(each with several lines) in an article, but he has to reduce plots' 
size significantly. He did it (in pdf or enc. ps) but, unfortunately, 
everything is reduced but lines' width. Besides, 'lwd' argument in par() 
or plot() can't be less than one.

I am not a Mac user and I don't know whether it is a Mac-related problem 
or not.

Could somebody please give me a way to solve this problem, either to 
reduce line width under R, or to get reduced lines' width when reducing 
plot size ?


Jacques VESLOT

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