[R] install.packages parameters

Janet Elise Rosenbaum jerosenb at fas.harvard.edu
Tue May 17 04:59:06 CEST 2005


R is having some trouble installing a package because it passed arguments to 
gcc which were non-existent directories and files.  It also didn't find 
g77, although it's in a directory in my $PATH;  I tricked it by making a 
sym link in /usr/bin.

What file does R get these parameters from?  
I've looked for the parameters in the package source, the install.packages 
help pages, and the R preferences menu, all to no avail.

I am running R 2.1.0 on Mac 10.3.8, and three days ago I installed a
different package from source where installation involved gcc without
any problems, and nothing has changed since then.  The packages I'm
trying to install are Joe Schafer's mix, norm, and cat.



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