[R] turning labels into a vector

Briggs, Meredith M Meredith.Briggs at team.telstra.com
Mon May 16 07:24:35 CEST 2005


1/ 'priors' is a table looking like:

"W123" "T678" "S789"
  23          42       11
  12          35         9

2/ WBS <- labels(priors) gives me a result of class list and length 1 looking like:

"W123" "T678" "S789"

I want to read W123 into X[1] as W, T687 into X[2] as T and S789 into X[3] as S using substr(X[1],1,1) but I'm having trouble extracting each group of 4 digits from WBS

Any help would be gratefully accepted.


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