[R] julian

Rolf Turner rolf at math.unb.ca
Sat May 14 15:23:00 CEST 2005

Peter Dalgaard writes:

> It's not the syntax as much as the timezone.

	Well, that's part of the overall syntax, or structure
	at least.

> But what has as.Date done wrong, since you seem set on ignoring it?

	It's not that I'm ignoring it --- it's just that I haven't a
	clue what it means/does.  The help on the date/time stuff is
	totally opaque.  It appears to be meaningful only to those
	who are already completely au fait with the ``POSIX''
	standards (whatever they are!), and thereby are not in need
	of help.  (Reminds me of Sam Johnson's ``Letter to Lord
	Chesterfield'', but that's another story.)

	Anyhow, I found that all I could do was to proceed by trial
	and error, using all possible permutations and combination of
	strptime(), as.POSIXct(), as.POSIXlt(), format(), etc. etc.
	I actually did use a few perms and combs involving as.Date()
	--- but clearly not enough of them.

> > as.Date(z) - as.Date("1999-12-31")
> Time difference of 102 days

	That is exactly the syntax that I need, it would seem.

	Thank you!



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