[R] ANOVA with p-values?

Christoph Strehblow chrisxe at gmx.at
Wed May 11 19:26:02 CEST 2005

Hi List!

My name is Christoph Strehblow, i´m  from Vienna, Austria, and tried  
a ANOVA, but couldn´t manage to get an output, i was used to get from  
SPSS, where i would get a detailed pairwise table, including diff,  
standard error, p-value, and lwr and upr.

in R, i tried a ANOVA with TukeyHSD, which only brings up the  
confidence intervalls of all pairs, but no p-values.

How is this possible?

Thanks a lot in advance, Chris

using: R 2.10 on Mac Os 10.4

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