[R] generalisation in the use of cclust (library cclust)

emmanuelle.anthoine1@etud.univ-ubs.fr emmanuelle.anthoine1 at etud.univ-ubs.fr
Wed May 11 15:12:24 CEST 2005

I would like to compare indexes in order to see which clustering algorithm (k- 
means, k-medoid, hierarchical clustering with euclidean and pearson distance) 
is more efficient. So I want to calculate the c-index and the db in all those 
cases(library cclust). 
To do that I use the cclust function. How can I run this function with pearson 
distance for k-means? How can I generalize cclust for hierarchical clustering 
and k-medoid? 
The class cclust object has a list of 13 components. Can anybody tell me how 
these components are calculated? 

thanks for everything. 
Emmanuelle Anthoine. 

Université de Bretagne sud                               http://www.univ-ubs.fr/

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