[R] Does R have a command for sending emails?

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de
Wed May 11 08:57:14 CEST 2005

Lapointe, Pierre wrote:

> This is excellent. It works great even though I'm on Win2k and behind a
> firewall.
> I just have one question though, I don't use a function because I sometimes
> need to add people to my distribtion list. In R, my system(paste()) string
> is very long and when I try put an <enter> so it fits in my Rgui screen, the
> function does not work properly.  Everything that is after the <enter> is
> not considered by blat.
> I don't know if I am being clear.  To clarify, here's my actual code: 
> system(paste('
> blat c:/tmp/monthly/deacot2005.zip -to receiver at receiver.ca -f
> sender at sender.ca  -s "My title is long long long long.   Very long." -server
> smtp.host.com -base64'))

paste() is the right idea (you are just not using it appropriately):

        '-to receiver at receiver.ca',
        '-f sender at sender.ca',
        '-s "My title is long long long long.',
        'Very long."',
        '-server smtp.host.com -base64'))

Uwe Ligges

> In R, if everything beginning with blat is not on the same line, the command
> does not work properly and everthing on the second line is not considered
> even thought he paste command ends with a ")"
> Thanks
> If you're still trying to figure out how to e-mail with R, here's what I did
> in details.
> 1- Download blat from
> http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=81910
> <http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=81910> 
> 2- unzip blat.exe in your base directory (the one with Rgui.exe in it).  I
> put it in my C:\Program Files\R\rw2010\bin directory.  You do not need the
> other files in the zip file.
> 3- if you don't know your smtp, use this
> http://www.dirfile.com/smtp_diagnostic_tool.htm
> <http://www.dirfile.com/smtp_diagnostic_tool.htm>  .  Put in your e-mail
> address and leave blank the SMTP.  Press start.
> 4- In R, 
> Write this code and change what you want
> system(paste('
> blat c:/tmp/monthly/deacot2005.zip -to receiver at receiver.ca -f
> sender at sender.ca  -s "My title is long long long long.   Very long." -server
> smtp.host.com -base64')) #everything beginning with "blat" has to be on the
> same line
> 5- read the example.txt in the blast zip file for examples of how to modify
> the blat request
> 6- note:  the "-base64" statement is there to specify that the attached file
> is binary
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