[R][S] Data sets from Chambers' green book?

David James dj at research.bell-labs.com
Tue May 10 21:46:24 CEST 2005


Please try  "stat.bell-labs.com" instead of "cm.bell-labs.com/stat", 

Thanks for bringing this to our attention -- I'm contacting our web 
master to find out how to fix it.


Laura Holt wrote:
> Dear R and S people:
> Yet another dorky question (YADQ), please:
> Where can I find the data sets from Chambers' green book, please?
> I've tried
> http://cm.bell-labs.com/stat/Sbook
> (web site, no data or even pointers....functions and articles...good ones)
> http://cm.bell-labs.com/stat/project/icmanuf
> no web site at all.
> Thanks in advance!
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