[R] "Source R code" via menu "File"

Dirk Enzmann dirk.enzmann at jura.uni-hamburg.de
Tue May 10 13:44:59 CEST 2005

If I use the first menu item "Source R code" of the menu "File" to call 
"source()" by searching the *.r files in my directory interactively, a 
window opens showing the active directory, but no files to choose (even 
if there are files with the extension .r). If I start entering the the 
name of a file that I know to be in the active directory, by entering a 
firt letter of the file name a list of files beginning with this letter 
shows up - but not a list of all files with the extension .r.

This happens if I use R version 2.1.0 patched (2005-04-18) running under 
Windows XP (German), the menu item is in German "Lese R Code ein". In 
previous versions of R (e.g. version 2.0.1 patched (2004-11-17)) this 
never happend, i.e. in older versions I could choose a file from a list 
of all files with the extension .r in the current directory.

What has changed? Is this specific to my configuration (of R or of 
Windows) or is it a bug?

R: version 2.1.0 patched (2005-04-18)
Operating system: Windows XP (German)

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