[R] General Question re R vs S-Plus

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Sun May 8 18:47:21 CEST 2005

	  Unfortunately, many of the S-Plus GUI functions are NOT written in S. 
  For example, S-Plus 6.2 put the following into History while executing 
the GUI equivalent of "plot(1:3)":

guiPlot( PlotType = "Scatter", AxisType = "Linear")

guiModify( "LinePlot", Name = "GS1$1$1",
	DataSet = "1:3")

	  One thing I've found quite powerful in S-Plus 6.2 is File -> "Import 
Data".  Unfortunately, an import of an Excel file was implemented as 

guiImportData(FileName = "d:\\spencerg\\statmtds\\yield\\Sample 
Size0\\enrollment.xls", FileTypes = "Excel Worksheet (xl?)", 
TargetDataFrame = "enrollment", TargetStartCol = "<END>", 
TargetInsertOverwrite = "Create new data set", NameRowAuto = "Auto", 
NameColAuto = "Auto", StartCol = 1, EndCol = "<END>", StartRow = 1, 
EndRow = "<END>", PageNumberAuto = "Auto", StringsAsFactors = T, 
SortFactorLevels = T, LabelsAsNumbers = F, CenturyCutoffYear = 1930, 
KeepOrDropList = "<ALL>", SeparateDelimiters = T, ASCIIDateInFormat = 
"M/d/yyyy", ASCIITimeInFormat = "h:mm:ss tt", ASCIIDecimalPoint = 
"Period (.)", ASCIIThousandsSeparator = "None")

	  I'm unaware of any documentation for these "gui*" commands.  A middle 
manager I know complained one day, "the S-Plus GUI is worthless."  I 
don't go quite to that extreme, but I have rarely used anything other 
than "guiImportData", and when I've tried, the results did not encourage 
me to try again.

	  Best Wishes,
	  spencer graves

Jonathan Q. wrote:
> thanks, that does the trick
> On 08 May 2005 10:11:47 +0200, Peter Dalgaard <p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk> wrote:
>>"Liaw, Andy" <andy_liaw at merck.com> writes:
>>>>My preference is to learn the language and the windows interface
>>>>doesn't really do the trick.  My question is, if one uses the windows
>>>>interface for some functions, is there a way to see what the
>>>>equivalent code would be?  I have checked the manuals, help etc and
>>>>can't seem to find a way.
>>>That sounds more like a question for S-news than R-help...  In any case, my
>>>impression is that commands linked to the S-PLUS GUI menus and buttons are
>>>functions written for that.  You're not likely to learn much that will carry
>>>over to R.
>>As I recall, the Splus GUI functions are (mostly?) written in S, so
>>you could study the source code. However, it might be a better idea to
>>fire up John Fox's Rcmdr package and try things similar to what you'd
>>do in Splus. Rcmdr makes a point of showing the code as it goes along.
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