[R] Questions about the intersection area under two kernel densities

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A "density" object's x and y values can be accessed using $x and $y
(this is in ?density, under "Value:")

obj <- density(rnorm(100, 0, 1))

You may find it useful to force the "from" and "to" arguments to be
the same for the two calls to density(), if you want to work directly
from the x and y values.

x <- rnorm(100, 0, 1)
y <- rnorm(100, .2, 1)
dx <- density(x)
dy <- density(y)

## Re-do the densities so they have the same x-values:
lim <- range(dx$x, dy$x)
dx <- density(x, from=lim[1], to=lim[2])
dy <- density(y, from=lim[1], to=lim[2])

plot(dx, col="blue", ylim=range(dx$y, dy$y))
lines(dy, col="red")
polygon(dx$x, pmin(dx$y, dy$y), col="purple")


On 5/5/05, Grace Clinton <gcll688 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am working on a project which needs the value of the interaction area under two distributions( eatimated by kernel density estimators).
> For example:
> x<-rnorm(100,0,1)
> y<-rnorm(100,0.2,1)
> density(x) # This produces the summary of dependent variable and independent variable.
> How can I get the individual values of variables and reform a curve to calculate the area under curve?
> Is there a way to get aroud this and give me the solution?
> Thanks a lot.
> Grace
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