[R] Installing GO 1.7.0

Seth Falcon sethfalcon at comcast.net
Wed May 4 20:35:04 CEST 2005

Hi Cristian,

Christian Lederer <lederer at slcmsr.org> writes:
> is the announced solution for the GO 1.7.0 installation already
> publicly available?
> I am running into the same trouble as described in below, using
> 2.0.1 under Ubuntu Hoary.

Sorry about that.  No, the solution was not publicly available when
you wrote.

I've just pushed the fix to the metaData-devel repository.

You can download the fixed package here:


Note that we are working towards a release of Bioconductor 1.6
scheduled for 18 May.  The release will include an updated GO data


+ seth

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