[R] Unbundling gregmisc

Seth Falcon sethfalcon at comcast.net
Wed May 4 18:02:37 CEST 2005

apjaworski at mmm.com writes:

> I have one comment, although it is a little off topic.
> I have the gregmisc package installed (R-2.0.1 on Win2000).  Whenever I use
> the help.search function it comes back with the following warning:
> Warning message:
> no Rd contents for package 'gregmisc' in 'C:/local/R/rw210/library' in:
> help.search("bundle")
> Apparently, the help.search function looks for the CONTENTS file in the
> .../library/gregmisc directory.  I created an empty one and the warning
> went away.  I know it is purely cosmetic, but if the gregmisc bundle is
> kept intact, and I think it should, I would suggest adding the empty
> CONTENTS file to its distribution.
> Perhaps there is a better way of handling this.  For example, VR is a
> bundle but it does not create its VR directory in .../library.

IMO, this is another reason to move away from the bundle approach.  It
seems to add complexity and confusion in a number of places and,
personally, I don't think it is worth it (again, given auto dependency


+ seth

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