[R] Lattice dotplot with symbols sized and colored

David Kidd dmk2 at st-andrews.ac.uk
Tue May 3 12:08:10 CEST 2005

Apologies if this is a naive beginners question.

I am trying to create a dotplot with the lattice dotplot function in which 
my dots are colored differently depending on if positive or negative and 
sized by sp.nc.bdrs.data$mwZ

I have tried...

dotplot(sporder ~ cvarorder | direct, data=sp.nc.bdrs.data,
cex=abs(sp.nc.bdrs.data$mwZ * 0.05),
xlab="climate variables",
ylab="species",col= sp.nc.bdrs.data$mysign,
scales = list(y = list(labels = as.character(spname),at = 1:12, cex = 0.5), 
x = list(labels = as.character(my.ylabel), at = 1:66, rot=90, cex = 0.5), 
alternating = 3))

This sizes my symbols correctly but colors all four conditional plots 
(direct = 'e', 'n', 's' & 'w') using the colors defined for the first 
direct condition (i.e. 'e').

I have also tried using 'groups' to set the colors, however, whenever I do 
this I cannot get cex to then size the symbols - I get open circles that do 
not scale. This problem also happens when I try setting up a panel function.

Many Thanks

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