Fwd: Re: [R] eigenvalues of a circulant matrix

Globe Trotter itsme_410 at yahoo.com
Tue May 3 06:18:30 CEST 2005

Looks like the files did not go through again. In any case, here is the kinv:
please cut and paste and save to a file:

   -1.16801E-03   -2.24310E-03   -1.16864E-03   -2.24634E-03   -1.17143E-03
   -2.25358E-03   -1.17589E-03   -2.26484E-03   -1.18271E-03   -2.27983E-03
   -1.19124E-03   -2.29896E-03   -1.20164E-03   -2.32206E-03   -1.21442E-03
   -2.34911E-03   -1.22939E-03   -2.38073E-03   -1.24626E-03   -2.41702E-03
   -1.26596E-03   -2.45828E-03   -1.28801E-03   -2.50458E-03   -1.31296E-03
   -2.55646E-03   -1.34048E-03   -2.61444E-03   -1.37127E-03   -2.67887E-03
   -1.40531E-03   -2.75026E-03   -1.44311E-03   -2.82930E-03   -1.48481E-03
   -2.91652E-03   -1.53081E-03   -3.01281E-03   -1.58131E-03   -3.11930E-03
   -1.63727E-03   -3.23708E-03   -1.69907E-03   -3.36712E-03   -1.76720E-03
   -3.51113E-03   -1.84251E-03   -3.67073E-03   -1.92580E-03   -3.84787E-03
   -2.01834E-03   -4.04507E-03   -2.12087E-03   -4.26509E-03   -2.23531E-03
   -4.51127E-03   -2.36357E-03   -4.78743E-03   -2.50664E-03   -5.09847E-03
   -2.66813E-03   -5.45027E-03   -2.85019E-03   -5.84987E-03   -3.05664E-03
   -6.30596E-03   -3.29224E-03   -6.82972E-03   -3.56187E-03   -7.43448E-03
   -3.87322E-03   -8.13766E-03   -4.23449E-03   -8.96182E-03   -4.65684E-03
   -9.93567E-03   -5.15519E-03   -1.10980E-02   -5.74887E-03   -1.25006E-02
   -6.46346E-03   -1.42143E-02   -7.33466E-03   -1.63391E-02   -8.41211E-03
   -1.90180E-02   -9.76709E-03   -2.24632E-02   -1.15055E-02   -2.70006E-02
   -1.37894E-02   -3.31497E-02   -1.68780E-02   -4.17865E-02   -2.12092E-02
   -5.44795E-02   -2.75722E-02   -7.42814E-02   -3.75180E-02  -0.107820   
  -0.171908   -8.74660E-02  -0.320830  -0.167792  -0.826079  -0.486405   
    19.4495   -6.28085  -0.486405  -0.826079  -0.167792  -0.320830   
  -0.171908   -5.44778E-02  -0.107820   -3.75180E-02   -7.42816E-02   
   -5.44795E-02   -2.12092E-02   -4.17865E-02   -1.68780E-02   -3.31495E-02
   -1.37894E-02   -2.70004E-02   -1.15055E-02   -2.24632E-02   -9.76708E-03
   -1.90179E-02   -8.41210E-03   -1.63391E-02   -7.33465E-03   -1.42142E-02
   -6.46346E-03   -1.25005E-02   -5.74887E-03   -1.10979E-02   -5.15519E-03
   -9.93565E-03   -4.65686E-03   -8.96166E-03   -4.23449E-03   -8.13766E-03
   -3.87320E-03   -7.43444E-03   -3.56187E-03   -6.82968E-03   -3.29223E-03
   -6.30590E-03   -3.05665E-03   -5.84988E-03   -2.85020E-03   -5.45026E-03
   -2.66813E-03   -5.09848E-03   -2.50664E-03   -4.78742E-03   -2.36358E-03
   -4.51160E-03   -2.23531E-03   -4.26516E-03   -2.12088E-03   -4.04506E-03
   -2.01834E-03   -3.84791E-03   -1.92580E-03   -3.67066E-03   -1.84251E-03
   -3.51094E-03   -1.76720E-03   -3.36700E-03   -1.69907E-03   -3.23702E-03
   -1.63727E-03   -3.11926E-03   -1.58130E-03   -3.01269E-03   -1.53081E-03
   -2.91633E-03   -1.48480E-03   -2.82912E-03   -1.44311E-03   -2.75018E-03
   -1.40531E-03   -2.67891E-03   -1.37126E-03   -2.61459E-03   -1.34048E-03
   -2.55652E-03   -1.31296E-03   -2.50461E-03   -1.28801E-03   -2.45833E-03
   -1.26595E-03   -2.41717E-03   -1.24626E-03   -2.38063E-03   -1.22938E-03
   -2.34904E-03   -1.21443E-03   -2.32207E-03   -1.20164E-03   -2.29903E-03
  -1.19124E-03   -2.27985E-03   -1.18271E-03   -2.26497E-03   -1.17589E-03
   -2.25364E-03   -1.17145E-03   -2.24634E-03   -1.16863E-03   -2.24284E-03


--- Globe Trotter <itsme_410 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 19:51:24 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Globe Trotter <itsme_410 at yahoo.com>
> Subject: Re: [R] eigenvalues of a circulant matrix
> To: r-help at stat.math.ethz.ch
> OK, here we go:
> I am submitting two attachments. The first is the datafile called kinv used
> to
> create my circulant matrix, using the following commands:
> x<-scan("kinv")
> y<-x[c(109:1,0:108)]
> X=toeplitz(y)
> eigen(X)
> write(X,ncol=216,file="test.dat")
> reports the following columns full of NaN's: 18, 58, 194, 200. (Note that
> eigen(X,symmetric=T) makes no difference and I get the same as above).
> The second attachment contains only the eigenvectors obtained on calling a
> LAPACK routine directly (from C). The eigenvalues are essentially the same as
> that obtained using R. Here, I use the LAPACK-recommended double precision
> routine dspevd() routine for symmetric matrices in packed storage format.
> Note
> the absence of the NaN's....I would be happy to send my C programs to whoever
> is interested.
> I am using 
> :~> uname -a
> Linux 2.6.11-1.14_FC3 #1 Thu Apr 7 19:23:49 EDT 2005 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
> and R.2.0.1.
> Many thanks and best wishes!
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