[R] Nonparametric Tukey-type multiple comparisons "Nemenyi" test

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help.search("Tukey"). The fifth hit is TukeyHSD().  Also take a look at 



>From: "Rikki Dunsmore" <Rikki.Dunsmore at noaa.gov>
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>Subject: [R] Nonparametric Tukey-type multiple comparisons "Nemenyi" test
>Date: Mon, 02 May 2005 16:45:20 -0700
>I am trying to do a Nonparametric Tukey-type multiple comparison post-hoc 
>test to determine which groups are significantly different.  I have read 
>the dialogue on this topic from the R-help, and am still not clear why no 
>statistical packages include this test as an option?  Is it not an 
>appropriate test to conduct on non-normally distributed data?  Is the only 
>option to calculate it by hand using the (Zar 1996) formula?
>Thank you in advance for your help.
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