[R] help : Bisect( )

mingan mingan at unm.edu
Mon May 2 07:20:18 CEST 2005

 I  am using the package of  Icens
 but for the function  Bisect

  I do not know  what  ndir is

  it just says the direction of pvec, but what kind of values should I 
use ?

 thanks for reply

  pls give me an example..


Bisect(tA, pvec, ndir, Meps, tolbis=1e-07)


      tA: The transpose of the clique matrix.

    pvec: The current estimate of the probability vector.

    ndir: The direction to explore.

    Meps: Machine epsilon, elements of 'pvec' that are less than this
          are assumed to be zero.

  tolbis: The tolerance used to determine if the algorithm has

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