[R] Problem trying to use boot and lme together

Douglas Bates dmbates at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 22:56:17 CEST 2005

On 6/21/05, Søren Højsgaard <Soren.Hojsgaard at agrsci.dk> wrote:
> The problem with simulate.lme is that it only returns logL for a given model fitted to a simulated data set  - not the simulated data set itself (which one might have expected a function with that name to do...). It would be nice with that functionality...
> Søren

You could add it.  You just need to create a matrix that will be large
enough to hold all the simulated data sets and fill a column (or row
if you prefer but column is probably better because of the way that
matrices are stored) during each iteration of the simulation and
remember to include that matrix in the returned object.

The reason that we didn't do that in the original design is because
that matrix can become rather large when you have either a lot of data
or a lot of simulations and we were working on the computers or 5 to
10 years ago.

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