[R] Functions within functions in R and S-Plus

Victor Gravenholt victor.gravenholt at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 18:54:24 CEST 2005

Sorry to bother you about a S-Plus related problem, but I hope someone 
can help.
I have tried to "translate" some code from R to S-Plus (I have colleague 
that insists on using S-Plus. And yes, I have tried to make him change 
to R...)
The following code works out fine in R, but in S-Plus (S-PLUS 6.2 for 
Windows Professional Ed.) I get the error message "Problem in 
est.theta(x): Object "func" not found ".
I have tried to keep most of the structure in my original problem (but 
simplified it!), so the code could seem a bit strange.
I suspect that this has something to do with different scoping rules in 
R and S-Plus, but still I have not found a workable solution in S-Plus.

mainfunc <- function(x){

est <- function(x,par){

func <- function(par,x){

est.theta <- function(x){
    optimize(func,lower=-10, upper=20,x=x)$minimum



x <- 1:10

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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