[R] HTML help index generation problem with R under Windows

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Wed Feb 9 10:37:01 CET 2005


I recently encountered a similar problem to

One conclusion from that thread seems to be
that if XP users need to update the index, 
after installing a package,
they have to install R into a directory 
for which they have got write access,
either a network or local drive.
This is in order to update the files
'C:Program Files\R\rw2001\doc\html\search\index.txt' and
'C:Program Files\R\rw2001\doc\html\packages.html'

Most R users in my institution do not have admin rights 
to their local drive, for security reasons,
and software has to be installed on the local drives, 
not on remote servers (presumably for networking efficiency).
If just these two files were moved to an area where 
the user has write permission, such as a remote server, 
is it possible to tell R to look for them there?

Otherwise, it seems that users 
who dont have admin permission (the majority), 
will not be able to update their 'index.txt' file,
after installing packages.
While this isnt a major issue, 
suggestions for a workaround would be welcome.



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